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Children's Preschool Bible Games

All children love Games!! And, what better way to teach your child about God and the Bible than to do it in a fun way. Children's Bible Games are a fabulous way to teach children about God's word. When Preschool age children are having fun there is a better chance that they are going to learn what you are teaching them.

Use the Children's Bible Games below along with the ABC Home Preschool Curriculums. Give your son or daughter a well rounded Preschool Education.

Free Children's Preschool Bible Games

Christian Preschool, Apostles - These games are to be used when teaching your children about the Apostles.

Bible Themed Bingo - Bible Themed Printable Activities.

Shepherd Finds Lost Sheep - Help the Shepherd find his lost Sheep. This game is a fun maze.

Gifts from God - This game is to be used to teach Christian Preschoolers about what gifts God has given them (many of Which we can not see or actually touch).

Double Time! - Hereís a fun way to burn off kidsí surplus energy and review the life story of a Bible hero at the same time! You might want to use this game when youíre studying Acts 8:1-3, 9:1-9; and 2 Corinthians 11:23-30. Or use it any time as a quick, fun Bible review.

Chair for a Crown - Children play musical chairs for a chance to discover how Jesus loves them.

All About Jesus - A very important and fun Musical Game teaching Christian Children about Jesus.

Easter Printable Puzzle - Fun printable Christian Easter Puzzle.

Quiz'N Tell - A series of games for LEARNING ABOUT PEOPLE and Events in the BIBLE

Bible Crafts and Activities For Sunday School - Activities for Sunday school bible lessons, recordings, bible bingo, musical chairs, play dough, flannel boards.

Armor of God Match Worksheet - In this game you must match the Christian word to the Armor.

Noah's Ark Game - Fun game for children and can be used to teach children about the Bible Story "Noah's Ark".

Does it Please the Lord? - Like the familiar game "Mother May I", but with a Biblical twist.

Follow Me - Lead kids in this fun game to learn more about God.

Pray Instead - This fun game teaches children what the best thing to do is when you are upset... Pray!!

Noah's Mixed Up Animals - This Bible game will teach the preschool children about the wonderful story of Noah's Ark.

Bible-Verse Puzzle - Children will not only have fun putting the puzzles together, they'll also learn Bible verses.

Pin the Rock on Goliath - A new spin on a old game. Are they as brave as David?















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